Selected Painting Series on Canvas

These paintings erupted spontaneously like pimples, during a time of intense reflection on my family heritage and living in self-imposed exile. For a period of time my hearing was diminished and I lost my voice as the subtleties of what was being negotiated around me in a blur finally gained focus. These paintings were preparing me to learn a new, tougher language!

The island-scape seeped into my unconscious over the years, and began to reshape itself at will in my consciousness as I painted what was around me from day to day. All these paintings except a couple I kept now belong to collectors in British Columbia.

These are some smaller new paintings that are continuing my personal investigation of natural phenomena that are both powerfully material and curiously ephemeral at the same time. Gems, icebergs, UFO's. Something is there, we see it, it reflects light and embodies transformation and possibility. Then it is gone, and the descriptions we record of it are what is left for us to debate.